Welcome to Inspirational Design Studio

Inspirational Design is a design studio in Pretoria, South Africa specializing in Logo Design, Business Card Design, Corporate Identity Design, Web Advertising Media, Design for Print, Digital Art and Custom Design Works. For us a good design is when the end product meets the needs of the client as well as the high standard of design work based on professional expertise and experience.

Inspirational Design offers a range of graphic design services which includes:

Design Services

Logo Design

A Logo is a symbol, sign, or emblem - a graphical "portrait" of your company and its unique identity. Your company's logo must describe the business, must be original and memorable and have a strong association with your brand. A Logo is used on your business cards, letterhead, and advertising material.

Design Services

Business Card Design

Starting in China in the 15th century as "visiting cards" and varying through the centuries as "calling cards" or "trade cards", modern business cards are effective marketing tools, giving brief business information about a company or individual. Must be easy to read and include all your relevant contact details.

Design Services

CI design

A corporate identity is the overall image of your business in the minds of your customers, investors or employees. Our standard CI package includes Corporate Title, Logo (logotype and/or logogram), Business Cards and Letterhead (print and digital) with high brand impact, effective messaging and visual personality.

Design Services

Web Advertising Media

Web advertising is the use of web banners or banner ads placed on a third-party website with high traffic to increase the product awareness. Banners and other forms of online advertising are essential tools of getting your message out. We design your banner and arrange the placing of it on ShowMe Pretoria.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Design Extended Package

Includes logo design, business card design, letterheads, Complimentary Slip, Power Point Presentation Cover Page, Quotation Template, Invoice Template and Email Signature

Corporate Identity Design Ultimate Package

Includes logo design, business card design, letterheads, Complimentary Slip, Power Point Presentation Cover Page, Quotation Template, Invoice Template, Email Signature, Facebook Cover Page and Google+ Cover Page

Design Services

Other Graphic Design Services

Print design

Print marketing is the oldest form of traditional marketing – an advertisement printed on paper. This includes the design of billboards, signage, brochures, company profiles, flyers, leaflets, invitations, complimentary slips and certificates for print. As online advertising is becoming more popular, the most successful marketing campaigns are still using all available platforms, including print and digital. We can refer you to excellent printers who are able to deliver jobs according to your needs, whether quality, price or turnaround speed.

Design Services

Digital art

Several digital artworks are displayed on this site which can be ordered for print or you can send us your idea and we will transform it into a digital work of art. Some of our works have been featured on Deviantart and Fineart America. With modern printing technology, a digital image can be printed on any size canvas, paper or fabric transforming into a beautiful display to enhance any setting. Visit our gallery of digital art to be inspired…

Design Services

Custom design works

  • Redesigning and improving of existing logos to give it a modern look and appeal
  • Logo Recovery
  • CD and Book Covers
  • Kids Illustrations
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